Workout Wishlist

So I just had surgery and will not be able to resume working out for around 3 weeks which is KILLING ME because it is getting nice out and all I want to do is run on the West side or at home on the boardwalk. So while cooped up in bed, I browsed the web for my must have work out wears for spring.

1. A GREAT sports bra


So for the girls who are a little more gifted like myself it is the biggest pain (literally) trying to run and exercise when things are not in place. In comes the greatest invention of all time the Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer II. It is a little pricey for a sports bra but for girls who need it, it is definitely worth the investment. I have one and can attest to its greatness, it makes running a much more enjoyable experience when you do not have to worry about creepers staring at you while you’re trying to burn a few calories.

2. The most fabulous pair of workout pants

 Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 11.51.54 AM

 I am very very very against leggings being worn as pants for daily use, however leggings for the gym, when proper workout material are quite sexy. These leggings by Michi are so stylish and sleek and the sheer panel gives it a little edge compared to the average gym legging. The Stardust Pant retails for $129 which is a little expensive for a pair of workout pants and I will not be purchasing but a girl can dream. This is my workout wishlist not my workout reality list.

3. A freeing top


My love affair with Lulu continues. I have this top in every color made because I am obsessed with how comfortable it is. The Lululemon Practice Freely Tank  allows you to move and exercise freely, without restriction making it a perfect top for Yoga or Pilates, or Yogilates, or Piloga, or whatever the new craze is these days. It allows free range of motion, which will help you get the sexiest body as well as feel your sexiest while at the gym.

4. A krazy pair of kicks


WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I WANT THESE SNEAKERS! They are just amazing. At first I saw them and thought they were glittered, that would be a little too “snooki” for my taste. They are however printed with the most fabulous pattern and retail for a steal of $100. For anyone who has purchased running shoes this is a good bargain, I may have to trade in my trusty Asics for these because it was love at first sight. Go pick up a pair of the Nike Free TR III Printed Training Shoe. I want these Nike sneaks. If anyone reads this and would love to donate to a girl stuck in bed after surgery I would not say no.

5. Chic yet practical water bottle


I have yet to purchase but I want to purchase this water bottle by KOR Water.  The One Hydration Vessel is BPA free and has a hinged cap so you will never misplace it! I always lose parts of my water bottles around the house so having a bottle that stays together is the best! It is also pink, and what girl doesn’t love pink! Going to order this right now.

6. The most amazing invention ever

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 11.41.40 AM

The Nike+ Fuelband is the most miraculous genius idea ever and my right hand man. I got one for Christmas and it has not left my arm since. The Fuelband keeps track of your distance and steps taken, and has a little handy iPhone app which helps you keep track of your progress as well as set goals. I love it. I can see how many calories I am burning by walking around the office and to and from my apartment, as well as monitor how far I run and how many steps I take without dragging my iPhone with me to track it. If you do not have one, get one, it is 120% worth it.

So this is my workout wishlist, I will be accepting donations for the next few weeks. Hope you like what I am loving, and maybe this will inspire some to get up and out of their winter funk and begin looking forward to that summer beach body! A healthy body is a happy body 🙂


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