Makeup Makeup Everywhere

 photo 2

Being a typical girl I have hundreds of makeup items floating around my apartment. I usually am digging through my endless abyss of a makeup bag or searching around my room for missing eyeliners, brushes, lipsticks, etc. One morning I woke up and was sick of the constant search, and decided to browse the web for a solution. Low and behold I found one, and it has proven to be the most worthwhile project I have taken on. This Saturday decided to make a “makeup organizer” and it turned out wonderfully.

I went to Michael’s to get all of the supplies…well actually my mother did because I cannot leave the house haha.

photo 2

I started with your general magnetic board, decided on black because my room is white and black so wanted it to fit with the theme.

photo 1

I then took scrapbooking paper and cut them to size, I found it easier to use a busy pattern because once finished you will not see where the paper is cut.

photo 3

Have these handy glue dots which you literally roll down the side of the board and attach the paper making it seamless and easy! They stuck really well too and the easy to apply process made my life a million times easier.

photo 4

Then finished the pieces I could not get to with some crazy glue! Beginning to look amazing!

photo 5

Then took some small magnets, applied crazy glue to them and stuck them on my makeup. For heavier pieces you will need to apply more than one, but for my smaller pieces one was more than enough. Let them sit and dry for a minute or two before testing them out on the board.

photo 4

Voila! Have an easy to access makeup organizer! I am in love.

photo 2

Hope this inspires you to organize your makeup in a cute and practical way! Now just have to get back to my apartment and hang this on my wall 🙂 This is without all of my eyeshadow so needless to say it will be completely filled up!


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