West Side Workout

photo 1

Oh NYC!!! You are just so gorgeous sometimes. If you go anywhere near Midtown Manhattan (Times Square, Rockefeller Center) you may think you have just stepped into a three ring circus or a zoo, especially around Christmas & spring. But, if you know the local spots where the tourists do not venture, you will find yourself a little slice of paradise in the concrete jungle. I love downtown Manhattan. It is so different and peaceful and there is just so much to do. When the sun comes out and the temperature rises, everyone who lives in NYC seems to flock to the West Side along the Hudson River. It is so serene and a great place to exercise. Since the weather has been getting nicer and the sun has been setting later, I am able to go for nice long runs after work! I usually start by the ferries make my way up to Midtown, then turn around and head back. Once, I had the misfortune of running all the way to the Upper West Side, spraining my ankle, and having no way to get back to my apartment with no credit card or money. Lesson learned, always carry a Metro Card, cash, or a credit card while you run.

photo 2

Who could honestly ask for a better view than this! It is so gorgeous and a true sign of American determination and spirit. The Freedom tower looms in the skyline when running towards Wall Street along the West Side, it truly is a beautiful sight. If you have yet to walk this, or run this side of NYC you must. One, it provides one of the most scenic routes and two, no cars, or hills, or distractions, it’s just a straight shot. After running the boards at home, it’s great to be able to run a “boardwalk” here in NYC.

              photo 3 photo 4

If you have yet to hear of Nike Fuelband, you can read all about it here. This little device is the best invention EVER! You download a little app to your phone, set yourself a daily goal and get walking or running. It tracks your steps, distance, and calories. When you reach your goal, a little dancing man appears on your phone & your fuelband lights up and flashes the word “GOAL”. The picture on the left shows the calories I burned throughout the day & after my run. It really is great motivation to look down and see that your hard work is paying off.

photo 5

On to another subject, Swim Daily is a pretty cool website that I write the Casting Call column for. So while running yesterday I decided, why not throw on my Swim Daily jersey and (not) shamelessly promote the website up and down the West Side. Hey ya never know it could work! We got these jerseys for all of the girls to wear during a March Madness event, and ordered them for ourselves too. I’d say they’re pretty stylish and actually one of the most comfortable workout shirts I own.

So on this gorgeous NYC day where the temperature is supposed to reach 68 degrees, go for a run! Maybe on the West Side, maybe in Central Park, just get out there and get active! Summer is just around the corner and I am sure you want to look your best, while improving your overall health as well. So go, tie up those sneakers, fill up that water bottle, crank up your playlist, and just RUN! xxxxxxxx


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