Beauty Bag: Benefit Boutique (Soho)


WOW! That’s a lot of B’s haha. If you read my post yesterday on Cara Delevingne you will understand where I have gotten my eyebrow obsession from. Cara’s eyebrows are perfectly shaped, arched, filled, etc. A few months ago I stopped by the Benefit boutique in Soho (NYC), with a picture of Cara in hand. I wanted my overplucked, overwaxed eyebrows to magically become fuller and more defined. My aesthetician at the time tinted and tried to fix what she could but after years of going to a salon where they had no idea how to shape a brow, they were a difficult fix. She gracefully informed me things would get better and told me NOT to touch them. I listened. Yesterday I went in after a few months (two to be exact), and begged for help. ROCKY is a miracle worker. She held a mirror up to my face, showed me exactly where she would wax and pluck, and POOF a few minutes later my brows were perfectly shaped (I do have a scar on my brow from a fall at the age of 2 so she showed me how to fill them in to make them even). I will definitely be going back to see Rocky in a few weeks to have her shape them more, it is a slow and steady process to get a brow like Cara’s.

          benefit 2benefit

When you walk into the boutique you enter a girl’s paradise. Makeup everywhere, pink covering the walls, white feminine accessories and decor! It is like my childhood barbie playhouse. You are instantly greeted by someone, asked to sign their guest book and are immediately seated. If there is a wait, you are treated to complimentary makeup applications, highlighting their newest products. I have SOOOOO many Benefit products I think I could open my own boutique! In high school, my first benefit purchase was their Hoola Bronzing Powder. From that moment on, I have sworn by their products. I own almost all of their mascaras, their highlighters, their brow kits, their eyeliners, their primers, their concealers, you name it I have it. Yesterday for some unknown reason I left the store without purchasing anything 😦 it was a sad day.


This boutique is located on West Broadway in Soho, between Prince & W Houston, just a few short blocks from the B, D, F, & M trains! You have no excuse not to go! I woke up this morning with perfect brows, and plan on going back to Rocky to have her perform some more miracles on these eyebrows of mine. I say you call them & make an appointment for yourself, they’re extremely reasonably priced compared to other brow places in NYC, and work wonders!!! Call them up ((212) 769-1111) ask for Rocky, and watch your eyebrows transform. Oh, and maybe purchase a few makeup goodies to take home with you ! Take a peek at my newly shaped eyebrows below! Sorry for the ugly close-up & dark circles this picture is pre-makeup this AM (and I still have two black eyes from breaking my nose). xxxxxxx



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