LOTD – Rag & Bone to J.Crew

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HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! I woke up and it was a bit foggy and gloomy outside so I decided to dress…in all black (it is a NYC thing). In doing research for this post, I found the jeans above (that I paid full price for back in October) are now on sale for more than half off. GAH! These Rag & Bones are my babies. I love wearing them, and they are extremely comfortable. They are a little impractical and cant be worn with everything, but I just thought they were SO cool when I saw them in the store, I had to have them. They’ve definitely gotten enough wear throughout the fall/winter & I think this may be my last day wearing them before I pack them up for storage until the leaves begin to change in October. On to the next item, my black ballet flats are my go to NYC shoe. They’re so practical yet cute and not overly priced! Mine are from J.Crew, and you can get yourself a pair here. They’re perfect for the city because when you are commuting on the subways, running through the streets, and chasing down cabs, the last thing you want to do is roll an ankle (been there done that).

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My sweater is from ZARA…of course. Whenever I want black clothing or leather, I head to the store in the Flatiron. This sweater is no longer available 😦 , the leather shoulder pads are so cool and I feel like I am tough when I wear them…couldn’t be further from the truth. Zara does have a sweater that is similar in stores right now. Rather than the leather shoulders, it features a transparent “peek-a-boo” shoulder. These sheer panels were all the rage on the runways, so you’ll be catwalk ready!

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 9.28.53 AM

Ah leather jackets! Love them, love them, love them. This is the jacket I threw on today, and you can get it here. It just makes me feel cool when I wear it. I got it as a Christmas present and have never been so happy with a gift in my life…okay that is a lie, but it still is really cool. Santa did well haha.

photo 5

This Jane Pope ring is so quaint and delicate. Makes any unmanicured hand look girly and cute. I usually wear this ring everywhere and love interchanging it between fingers. I recently have stocked up on midi rings (which are small rings worn near the top of your finger). Check out her website, she has a great collection of simple delicate pieces, that are extremely practical and wearable!


THIS BAG! Where do I begin. I saw it in a store near home and thought about it for days after. Needless to say, I returned and purchased it. Now the bag looks beat up and is in need of a leather repair, but when I got it I received a trillion compliments. Have you guessed which designer makes it? Well, I shall let you in on a little secret…it is from Urban Outfitters! Everyone always thinks this is a really really expensive bag, but low and behold it cost me around $80 I think. I carry this bag everywhere, which is why it is slowly falling apart. They do not make it anymore either, but they have a sick selection of bags…I currently want this one , and this one, and this one. I do love my designer bags, my Vuitton & Burberry bags are my prized possessions, but when you find a bag that is this cute and doesn’t cost a lot, it is a no brainer! You won’t feel bad spilling stuff on it, throwing it around, and having it get worn and torn!

Hope you like my outfit for the day! xx


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