Must Have Item of the Week Part 2: Lolli Swim

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 2.33.52 PM

Okay so I could not just settle on one item this week. I have been eying this one piece for a few months now, and am going to wait until my paycheck comes Thursday to purchase it finally. This is the Lolli Swim Pastry Puff One Piece!!! It is so adorable! Idk how well it will support up there, but hey why not give it a whirl, worse comes to worse I’ll just sell it to one of my friends who does not have to worry about that problem haha. It is so different and perfect for a tropical vacation I plan on taking soon! If only my abs looked like the models, I would be in excellent shape. Thursday cannot come soon enough. Paycheck, paycheck, paycheck get here now…so many things to buy so little time! I think you should buy one too. xx


2 thoughts on “Must Have Item of the Week Part 2: Lolli Swim

  1. i have been looking for this bikini everywhere…..I found it on the official website but its sold out!!! I sent them an email but they didn’t not reply to me. Do you know where else I can find it at….I am obsessed with it!! thank you

    • Unfortunately this is a super old style 😦 so it most likely is not in production anymore. You should just keep trying to email the designer she is an incredibly nice woman, I am sure she would help!

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