Nothing Like Home…& some shopping

photo 3

So I returned home for Mother’s Day, it is definitely needed once in a while. It is a great escape to leave the hustle and bustle and stress of NYC behind, to go home where it is secluded and calm and peaceful. My happy place is the beach. I go there to think, to relax, to look for seaglass, spend time with my family and friends., and take the occasional picture (note above). I am so fortunate to live a block away from the ocean, and could not imagine living anywhere else. While home I had the pleasure of going shopping. I got to hit up my favorite little stores, and some big ones (without the annoying NYC tax!). I found some little treasures, and also did some online shopping. Sadly most of my shopping turns into dreaming I can buy every piece I want because of a little thing called rent, oh and groceries. Tough to love fashion & have the budget of a 12 year old with an allowance haha. Anyways, here are some of the treasures I purchased…along with some items I am dreaming about that will only live (for now) in my fantasy closet. Side note in the picture I am wearing my favorite Free People Sweater it really is though, I wear it everywhere, and my Lululemon Mod Moves Crop leggings (I think I own them in every color). Comfort for a little stroll on the beach with my mom…photo cred goes to her by the way.

photo 2

I found this belt, in a sale bin at Urban Outfitters. I am such a sucker for a sale, and get a high off of finding pieces that will be in my wardrobe for a while at more than half the cost. This Ecote Beaded Belt was already a steal at $29, but I got this belt for a total of $5 after discounts and promotions. Score one for me! It is perfect to pair with loose dresses, jeans, shorts, basically anything! Oh and the denim shirtdress = my new favorite purchase and you can get it here, it is by Paige denim and is so comfortable and perfect for spring and summer!! Love love love it.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 10.58.10 AM

I really think I may be on a big denim kick because one of the items I am fantasizing about are these Current/Elliot overalls. They are perfection. The cuffed pant, the rips, the wash, the loose fit, I NEED! Anyone want to buy them for me? Mom? Dad? Long lost relative? They are a little steep @ $368 but so worth it if you ask me. I need them in my closet, but for now my imaginary closet will have to suffice.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 11.30.03 AM

Another purchase of mine…Burberry Wayfarers. I love love love them & they are green. I think you need them. They fold, they are cool, the color is awesome, and they are just amazing!!!

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 11.36.25 AM

How cute are these shorts by Topshop. They are dip dyed in a reverse ombre and soooooooooo spectacular. They have an embellished hem & pockets, which give it some extra flare. They are currently sitting in my Topshop shopping cart calling my name, and I think by the end of today they will have won the battle. Hopefully my mom doesn’t read this post because she will yell at my for spending my $$. Whoops. On top of the shorts…I think I need those shoes. I need help. Is there a place for Fashion Addicts Anonymous?

OKAY I NEED TO STOP SHARING! Because…its making me want to buy everything & I am getting antsy thinking about all the shopping carts on the web which contain the dreams of my closet. How sad am I. Oh well. Caroline Menapace…I am sorry for this post since you usually buy things from my blog, but hope you buy everything hehe 🙂 Sorry not sorry. Hope you guys find something you like !! xx


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