Saint Laurent vs. Zara

Saint Laurent vs. Zara
I absolutely love Saint Laurent. Even though they’ve dropped the Yves from their name they are still one of the most recognizable names in the fashion industry. Classic and sleek. I have been dying for the Saint Laurent Classic Duffel for a while now. But since it costs more than a months rent I will just have to admire it from afar for now. *Mom? Dad? Christmas? Birthday quickly approaching?* It is the perfect bag that will surely be timeless. Zara is right on trend, drawing influence from these high end designers and bringing them to the masses. I have found some look alike Alexander Wang shoes, a similar Phillip Lim bag and dress, a Proenza inspired blazer. Things that I would never have been able to afford without the lower price point Zara offers. While browsing Zara’s online selection of bags I noticed the many similarities between their bags and the Saint Laurent styles. So for you fashionistas out there now you can have the high end Saint Laurent feel, for a much more affordable price point (the left column is Saint Laurent, the right is Zara). God bless you Zara. Enjoy! xx

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