Recipes Schmecipes.

I do not know what it is about cooking. When I am stressed, upset, bored, what have you, I hit up my favorite recipe blogs/sites in search of a new treasure to add to my ever growing binder of recipes, neatly divided into multiple categories (SUCH A LOSER I KNOW). Recently, while watching one of my favorite cooking shows “Farmhouse Rules” I loved how each of her recipes were handwritten on small cards and passed down from generation to generation. If you have never seen her show, you should definitely check it out! There is something about the cards that makes the recipe more personal. So, I have decided that I am going to start the long process of transitioning my recipes from binder to cards so I can one day pass down my recipes to my kids and so on and so forth. My mother is a great cook, though she sticks to her tried and true recipes. Recently, she has started experimenting more & apparently via my sources to rave reviews. FYI I am not that cool, my source is my dad.


I never got the chance to know my paternal grandmother, but I have a feeling she was excellent in the kitchen as my Aunt Maria is one hell of a cook. My maternal grandmother was a horrific cook, Grandma we still love you! She tried, she did, but to no avail. My abuela (my great-grandma) on the other hand was magnificent, she had a rice pudding recipe that my mom has been trying to replicate for years to no success.


I love taking recipes, adjusting them to my taste (I tend to add triple the amount of garlic than called for), adding an extra spice or two and just playing around with them. If I could spend my weekends in the kitchen I would. Another favorite past time is browsing the blogs, searching for new ideas! I have decided to share my finds with you! Aren’t you lucky 🙂 Below is a collection of some of my favorite blogs, recipes and more 🙂

Best Blogs –

Half Baked Harvest – All Around Comfort Food (not the healthiest haha)


Recipes you should try, tested by me:

Salted Caramel Mocha & Nutella Brownies (pictured above)

Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Avocado & Gouda Cheese Pasta

How Sweet It Is – Sweet Treats


Recipes you should try, tested by me:

Peach, Blueberry and Basil Crisp (pictured above)

Bourbon Baked Apples

Homemade Snickers Bars

Skinnytaste – Healthy that does not taste healthy


Recipes you should try, tested by me:

Baked Eggplant Sticks (pictured above)

Baked Spaghetti Squash & Cheese

Maple Pecan Banana Muffins

Chocolate Covered Katie – mostly vegan,  insanely healthy dessert blog


Samoas Girl Scout Cookie Pie (pictured above & the best thing you’ll ever taste)

No Bake Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake

Cookie Dough Dip

Naturally Ella – healthy but delicious


Black Bean & Guacamole Burrito (pictured)

Basic Veggie Lasagna with Homemade Noodles (you can buy store bought noodles)

Asparagus and Eggs

Southern Living – not a blog, but one of my favorites for old favorites with Southern Charm


White Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (above)

Pecan Peach Cobbler

Caramel Apple Brownie Cheesecake

Parmesan Potatoes

I have so many more favorite blogs, but there are too many to fit in a post so I had to narrow down! Hope you enjoy some of these recipes 🙂


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