Mothers Day Must Haves

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So, Mother’s Day is upon us. We have just one short week to think of that perfect gift for our moms. Fear not, I have compiled a list of the cutest and budget friendly gifts. That perfect gift is just a click away (but really the pictures link you right to the gift) 🙂

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Anthropologie has been a little lackluster lately with their coffee mugs. They used to change their coffee mugs frequently, and in recent years haven’t changed them at all! I used to be a collector of every initial mug they have but for probably two years now…they have yet to change the design (sad face). That being said, their mugs are cheap and simple, yet cute and personal. Perfect gift for a mom who loves her morning coffee or tea, and for the buyer who is a little low on cash (cough cough…me). This gift shows that you didn’t just go to any random store and pick up a classic mug, but thought about it and even personalized the mug with their initial. It is definitely a cute and classic present that mom will love!!!!!!!

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Lafco candles can be found at any Blue Mercury store, or purchased online on the Lafco website. This is a personal preference of my mother, she is obsessed with these candles and has them all over our house. The people in our local Blue Mercury definitely think my parents are a little crazy with the amount of candles they have purchased. The candles do smell amazing however, and the scent lingers throughout the entire house. They are a little pricey for a candle, but the best perk, once it has run its course and there is nothing left inside the glass, you can freeze it as my parents do, wash it and it becomes a cute little decorative storage unit! I have definitely stolen a bunch and they are scattered all over my apartment for various items. Mom will love this! They have a million different scents from ocean to fruit to flower, every mother’s taste will be found.

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My best friend Caroline has an obsession with monogrammed and initialed items, so I immediately thought of her with these bangles from C Wonder. She has a great style, so your mom will be just as stylish wearing these cuffs. They come in a variety of colors all dependent on the initial! So hopefully your mom’s initial has her favorite color. My mom’s has a nice navy blue! So that would be perfect for her. She already has another initialed small bracelet from C Wonder, so this wouldn’t be the most ideal gift for her…but for someone who needs a little personalized color in their life, this would be perfect. Get your mom one 🙂

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What mother does not love wine!!! This gift is perfect for them. For $9.95 they can get a mini wine sampling kit, from this they rate the wines on which they liked better etc. and their wine profile is created. They will learn what wines are suited for their taste, and what to pair them with! From there they can purchase the wines in case form! I think it is a perfect gift and moms around the world would absolutely love it!

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When all else fails, there’s the always classic picture and frame idea. Mom’s love pictures…my mom sure does, they are scattered all around our house, on every surface, on every wall, she loves them. I think she may be sick of getting frames from my sister and I however. Oh well! This frame is just too stellar to pass up, it’s antique inspired and perfect for any accent wall. Stick a picture of you and your siblings in it and you have the perfect gift.

Hope this made your mother’s day shopping a little bit easier 🙂 xxxxx


London Calling


On my bucket list is a trip to England. Yes I know, London is nowhere near all that England has to offer, but I just thought it would be a catchy title. I will get to England eventually!!! I just love the culture, the architecture, accents, tea, etc. My one friend studied abroad there in college & I kick myself everyday for not doing it! I was too busy swimming (which looking back now, I wish I had quit after my freshman year, and regret it every second). I missed out on sooooo much college had to offer, like a chance to spend a semester abroad! Well, here are a few English things that I love, musicians, royalty, stores! Enjoy!

Ed Sheeran

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 3.04.01 PM

FAVORITE ALBUM OF THE YEAR, or maybe past few years, his voice, and talent is miles above everyone else! I saw him live a few months ago and the live performance of “Give Me Love” was just incredible. See an example of this live performance below, I listen to this on repeat while at work and never get sick of it. I get the chills everytime I listen to him sing, true talent. If anyone knows a person, who knows a person, who knows a person, that could get me to meet him, I would be eternally grateful. I would just like him to serenade me…


I did a whole thing on them here, so check it out!!


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Love their stuff. Trendy, edgy, current, vintage, great price points…what’s not to love! This British import finally landed in the United States a few years ago, opening in SOHO. I tend to just order from their website, because the store is on one of the busiest streets in NYC…Broadway. I just cannot deal with the loads of tourists and the hour waits to try things on, so I just shop online! Nothing wrong with that 🙂

Kate Middleton


Her style, her grace, her everything is flawless. I love her looks, her hair, her makeup, she truly is a natural beauty! That wedding dress and every gown choice since then have been exquisite. If I could trade lives with anyone for a day I would 100% without a doubt pick Kate. She is just so glamorous, regal, and poised. True perfection.



I just want to have one. I always wonder what American accents sound like to people from different countries, and I myself love a British or Australian accent. I always joke around with my mom that I am going to end up marrying someone from England, because I find the accents so hot. But really, what do American accents sound like to a non-american??? I am curious.

Hope you liked! And seriously, if anyone knows how I can get Ed Sheeran to perform a private concert for me, I would love it!!! xxxx

Beauty Bag: Benefit Boutique (Soho)


WOW! That’s a lot of B’s haha. If you read my post yesterday on Cara Delevingne you will understand where I have gotten my eyebrow obsession from. Cara’s eyebrows are perfectly shaped, arched, filled, etc. A few months ago I stopped by the Benefit boutique in Soho (NYC), with a picture of Cara in hand. I wanted my overplucked, overwaxed eyebrows to magically become fuller and more defined. My aesthetician at the time tinted and tried to fix what she could but after years of going to a salon where they had no idea how to shape a brow, they were a difficult fix. She gracefully informed me things would get better and told me NOT to touch them. I listened. Yesterday I went in after a few months (two to be exact), and begged for help. ROCKY is a miracle worker. She held a mirror up to my face, showed me exactly where she would wax and pluck, and POOF a few minutes later my brows were perfectly shaped (I do have a scar on my brow from a fall at the age of 2 so she showed me how to fill them in to make them even). I will definitely be going back to see Rocky in a few weeks to have her shape them more, it is a slow and steady process to get a brow like Cara’s.

          benefit 2benefit

When you walk into the boutique you enter a girl’s paradise. Makeup everywhere, pink covering the walls, white feminine accessories and decor! It is like my childhood barbie playhouse. You are instantly greeted by someone, asked to sign their guest book and are immediately seated. If there is a wait, you are treated to complimentary makeup applications, highlighting their newest products. I have SOOOOO many Benefit products I think I could open my own boutique! In high school, my first benefit purchase was their Hoola Bronzing Powder. From that moment on, I have sworn by their products. I own almost all of their mascaras, their highlighters, their brow kits, their eyeliners, their primers, their concealers, you name it I have it. Yesterday for some unknown reason I left the store without purchasing anything 😦 it was a sad day.


This boutique is located on West Broadway in Soho, between Prince & W Houston, just a few short blocks from the B, D, F, & M trains! You have no excuse not to go! I woke up this morning with perfect brows, and plan on going back to Rocky to have her perform some more miracles on these eyebrows of mine. I say you call them & make an appointment for yourself, they’re extremely reasonably priced compared to other brow places in NYC, and work wonders!!! Call them up ((212) 769-1111) ask for Rocky, and watch your eyebrows transform. Oh, and maybe purchase a few makeup goodies to take home with you ! Take a peek at my newly shaped eyebrows below! Sorry for the ugly close-up & dark circles this picture is pre-makeup this AM (and I still have two black eyes from breaking my nose). xxxxxxx


Birchbox Mania!

photo 3[3]

If you have not heard of Birchbox, you may or may not be living under a rock (no offense). It is God’s gift to the beauty obsessed, new product loving, health nut individual, like myself. Every month a beautifully little packaged present arrives in my apartment mailbox. It is like Christmas morning when I turn the key and find it sitting there. Each month you get treated to the newest beauty products on the market and there always is a little sweet treat (that is healthy) to interest you and send you running off to the nearest Whole Foods to buy them.

photo 4[1]

This month my little Birchbox included:

1. Elizabeth Adren Visible Difference Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser

2. Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner

3. A year subscription to Women’s Health Magazine!! (one of my favorites)

4. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream

5.  Supergoop! Advanced SPF 37 Anti-Aging Eye Cream

6.  Hail Merry Macaroons (um delicious)

The total value of the box was way more than the $10 subscription you pay every month! It really is a treat to see the newest products, and if you really love anything that comes in the box, you can go right to the website and order it. For every dollar that you spend at Birchbox you earn 1 point, and for every 100 points, you get you get $10 towards a purchase! Plus, anytime you refer a friend you get 50 points! So get on the site (click the image below), and subscribe away! I promise it is worth giving up two skim lattes a month for (since a typical NYC latte runs you $5).

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 3.42.17 PM

Hope you loved it! xxx


IM BACCCCCKKK!! Sorry I have been MIA work has been extremely busy as we begin planning the 2014 issue!!!! But I promise I promise I will start writing and posting again more frequently. I have many passions in life. Fashion, food, photography, exercise, etc, but in the age of the internet I LOVE discovering new blogs to follow and obsess over. Whether they be food blogs or fashion blogs, or even pet blogs…I basically just love blogs. I like to see different takes on life, and how people live their lives. It truly is remarkable to see how one person puts an outfit together compared to another, it might just be the crazy clothes obsessed person in me, but it is art. I also am a total foodie and health nut, so finding new recipes to try excites me. Below I have compiled a few of my absolute favorite blogs. Enjoy!

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

1. We Wore What – THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BLOG, this girl styles everything to perfection! I stumbled upon this first blog a little over a month ago, when looking for some inspiration for my wardrobe (I have been in an all black funk since moving to NYC). This girl pieces together a mix of affordable and designer duds to create my dream outfits. I really wish she could take me shopping one day I am not kidding, or let me at least raid her closet, I think we could be best friends haha! But really her outfits are on trend, with a mix of boho, urban, edgy, and other influences I am literally obsessed! Check it out!


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Photo Courtesy of

2. SwimDaily – Okay okay I may be a little biased when it comes to this blog, as I write content for it…however, if you are looking to get to know some of the most GORGEOUS women on the planet I suggest you stop on by and take a peek. You may think it is centered towards a male audience, but we do know that women check out the site as well, hence why we feature tips from some of the worlds hottest supermodels trainers, makeup artists, hair stylists, nutritionists, etc. Their tips will be sure to get you looking like a million bucks before summer (results not guaranteed haha). It’s a must read.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

3. Skinnytaste – I am all for delicious food, that is healthy, nutritious, and not looking to spend more than a moment on my hips. Since summer is fast approaching everyone is scrambling to lose those last few pounds before they most bare all in a bikini, why not share a site which has become my go to blog for healthy recipes for almost two years now. I first visited this site in college, after moving out of a dorm and into a house with a kitchen (yay for no more cafeteria food).  I was looking for ways to eat healthy while on a college (nonexistent) budget. This website has the most amazing creations and it is my first choice when I know I need a new recipe to whip up for a party, holiday, or anything else that springs up on my schedule. I love to cook, but hate creating recipes, so why not have someone there to help me along.

Photo Courtesy of Atlantic - Pacific

Photo Courtesy of Atlantic – Pacific

4. Atlantic – Pacific – another one of my favorite fashion blogs. I came across this while working at Vanity Fair. We were sitting around eating lunch one day when a girl mentioned this blog and of course we all had to check it out. It is a little more high – end, and not all affordable, but she does mix in some great pieces that the average Editorial Asst. (like myself) can purchase. I am all for designer duds and definitely splurge once in a while on statement and classic pieces so I love to see what this girl’s newest finds are. I have made some purchases after seeing items on her blog, she styles everything wonderfully going from casual chic one day to looking like she should be walking a couture show the next. I suggest you read my little guilty pleasure.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

5. Lauren Conrad – Ever since Lauren Conrad graced the television screen years ago, I have followed her every footstep. I love the California cool vibe she gives off, so needless to say when she started her blog I became an instant everyday follower. She offers fitness, beauty, fashion, and decor advice, that suits my boho taste. I absolutely love visiting this site to see what new things she is coming up with and it makes me wish I could move out to California to become her friend.

Well hope you like! These blogs inspire me and I hope you have found some that inspire you and your passions! I always love to hear what you think so send me some of your favorite blogs and maybe they will become a favorite of mine as well. xx


Makeup Makeup Everywhere

 photo 2

Being a typical girl I have hundreds of makeup items floating around my apartment. I usually am digging through my endless abyss of a makeup bag or searching around my room for missing eyeliners, brushes, lipsticks, etc. One morning I woke up and was sick of the constant search, and decided to browse the web for a solution. Low and behold I found one, and it has proven to be the most worthwhile project I have taken on. This Saturday decided to make a “makeup organizer” and it turned out wonderfully.

I went to Michael’s to get all of the supplies…well actually my mother did because I cannot leave the house haha.

photo 2

I started with your general magnetic board, decided on black because my room is white and black so wanted it to fit with the theme.

photo 1

I then took scrapbooking paper and cut them to size, I found it easier to use a busy pattern because once finished you will not see where the paper is cut.

photo 3

Have these handy glue dots which you literally roll down the side of the board and attach the paper making it seamless and easy! They stuck really well too and the easy to apply process made my life a million times easier.

photo 4

Then finished the pieces I could not get to with some crazy glue! Beginning to look amazing!

photo 5

Then took some small magnets, applied crazy glue to them and stuck them on my makeup. For heavier pieces you will need to apply more than one, but for my smaller pieces one was more than enough. Let them sit and dry for a minute or two before testing them out on the board.

photo 4

Voila! Have an easy to access makeup organizer! I am in love.

photo 2

Hope this inspires you to organize your makeup in a cute and practical way! Now just have to get back to my apartment and hang this on my wall 🙂 This is without all of my eyeshadow so needless to say it will be completely filled up!