Spring Fling

Spring Fling
SPRING!!!!!! I never thought I would see the light at the end of the tunnel and be able to say that word. Spring is finally here! I am dreaming of the day when I can finally pack away my Canada Goose, vacuum seal my sweaters, stash away all of my boots, and bring out all of my summer clothes from storage. I had a mild panic a few days ago, with the seasons changing and the temperatures rising I realized I had yet to spice up my Spring/Summer wardrobe. So, I decided to go on a little web search shopping spree (imaginary of course) and put together a mini dream wish list. I never thought I would say it but Birkenstocks and Birkenstock inspired sandals are here to stay another summer. I actually caved and bought a pair, they looked really comfortable! Eek! I am actually venturing more towards color this spring, but I still feel items like shoes and purses should be kept in the neutral (blacks, browns, whites) so they can be worn with anything, especially when making an investment. Right now I am really into simple understated jewelry. I love Hirotaka & Catbird, they are both known for dainty pieces that can accompany any outfit. Other things on my list: bucket bags, floral perfumes (Viktor & Rolf to be precise), skirts, flowing dresses with low backs, vintage denim shorts, and stylish “athleisure”. Shop away 🙂

Black, Red and Blue

Black, Red and Blue
When it comes to clothing, I tend to ALWAYS wear black and when I decide to wear a color it is usually a muted hue of tan or a dark color. You will never catch me in bright neon colors, they are just tacky. Fall is just around the corner & I am beyond excited. Fashion during fall is much more elegant and expressive. You are able to layer and style pieces to give an outfit more depth and it is truly a way to show that you know how to put items together without looking like you just threw on everything in your closet & walked out the door! My hues for fall are blacks, reds, and blues…not bright red or blue but darker more understated tones. I know oxblood was big a few years ago but I am still in love with the color and the best part is leathers are available in these colors as well. Leather is another fall staple and it is on everything right now shoes, pants, hats, shirts, you name it. The T by Alexander Wang bra top would look sick under a simple blazer. Maybe with some leather pants if you want to go all out. What could go heather with a pair of leather pants than a wide brimmed fedora! I have a collection of fedoras and need to add another to my lineup this fall, I have fallen in love with the above dark blue fedora from Rag & Bone. It is PERFECT and is going to be a treat to myself in the near future. Another thing that is sure to be a treat this fall…flats! They are still the it shoe and it makes me and my feet so happy! A staple leather boot is essential…if you are looking for moderately priced fashionable boots hit up Zara they always come through when you’re on a budget. But Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, and Church’s are my favorites for a splurge 🙂 They are so sleek. Along with boots, simples heels and sneakers are must haves! A last piece everyone should have for this fall/winter is an oversized coat! They are amazing when paired with anything really and add instant sophistication to any look! Well now that I have spent the last hour drooling over these pieces, I need to do something else so I do not blow my entire savings account. If only I could win the lottery.

A Coat for Every Occasion

A Coat for Every Occasion
There are so many amazing coats this fall! From shearling to tartan to leather, there is something for every budget and taste. Above are some of my favorites, that will keep you cozy during winter. Some are a little more extravagantly priced than others, but hey why not dream. The Marni leather jacket is seriously as close to perfection as one can get, the price tag may be a bit steep, but just think how fabulous you would look walking down the streets of NYC in that amazing creation. Stay warm, buy a coat! xx

Friday Favorites 2.

Friday Favorites 2.
Oops! Meant to post this on Friday! I am obsessed with all things tartan and menswear recently. And of course leather & hats. These are a few of my favorite pieces this week. The Burberry boots are so beautiful…I may end up splurging on them, I have been thinking about them nonstop. Shop away, xx.

Saint Laurent vs. Zara

Saint Laurent vs. Zara
I absolutely love Saint Laurent. Even though they’ve dropped the Yves from their name they are still one of the most recognizable names in the fashion industry. Classic and sleek. I have been dying for the Saint Laurent Classic Duffel for a while now. But since it costs more than a months rent I will just have to admire it from afar for now. *Mom? Dad? Christmas? Birthday quickly approaching?* It is the perfect bag that will surely be timeless. Zara is right on trend, drawing influence from these high end designers and bringing them to the masses. I have found some look alike Alexander Wang shoes, a similar Phillip Lim bag and dress, a Proenza inspired blazer. Things that I would never have been able to afford without the lower price point Zara offers. While browsing Zara’s online selection of bags I noticed the many similarities between their bags and the Saint Laurent styles. So for you fashionistas out there now you can have the high end Saint Laurent feel, for a much more affordable price point (the left column is Saint Laurent, the right is Zara). God bless you Zara. Enjoy! xx

Lust List Two

Lust List Two
Since it is cold outside. I am in the mood for cozy sweaters, leather skirts, dark nail polish, booties, and much more. Check out what I am loving this week. Hope you enjoy!

Falling for Flats

Falling for Flats
This was requested & I am a big fan of menswear inspired footwear for fall, so I decided to throw a list together! The price points are all over the board so there should be something for everyone. There’s Marni, Burberry, Zara, ASOS, something for every budget including mine. Flats are a great wardrobe staple, they look perfect with a pair of rolled up jeans, a skirt, even a girly dress to offer up some balance. They are a breath of fresh air for the feet after wearing heels all the time. Pure bliss. Enjoy 🙂 xx

Black Beauties & Booties

Black Booties
Fall is approaching and one signature staple you should have polished, primped, and ready to go is a black bootie. They are so diverse and compliment ANY outfit. Pair with a gorgeous fall dress, a leather jacket and some jeans, or even rock them with a skirt and a sweatshirt, the options are endless. Above are my twelve favorite picks, that I have been dying over for a while now. I have separated the rows into categories. Row one is booties with paneling/cutouts, row two is buckles, and row three contains zipper detailing. I have included a variety of price points for your viewing pleasure. I don’t know about you buy I am dying over the Rachel Zoe booties, oh and the Alexander Wang, and maybe those Won Hundred’s, birthday list perhaps? Actually can I just have them all? A girl can dream right? My apartment is not big enough to house my shoe collection already so I may convert my kitchen into a shoe closet, who needs an oven anyways. Carrie Bradshaw didn’t. Enjoy! xx

LOTD – Rag & Bone to J.Crew

photo 2[3]

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! I woke up and it was a bit foggy and gloomy outside so I decided to dress…in all black (it is a NYC thing). In doing research for this post, I found the jeans above (that I paid full price for back in October) are now on sale for more than half off. GAH! These Rag & Bones are my babies. I love wearing them, and they are extremely comfortable. They are a little impractical and cant be worn with everything, but I just thought they were SO cool when I saw them in the store, I had to have them. They’ve definitely gotten enough wear throughout the fall/winter & I think this may be my last day wearing them before I pack them up for storage until the leaves begin to change in October. On to the next item, my black ballet flats are my go to NYC shoe. They’re so practical yet cute and not overly priced! Mine are from J.Crew, and you can get yourself a pair here. They’re perfect for the city because when you are commuting on the subways, running through the streets, and chasing down cabs, the last thing you want to do is roll an ankle (been there done that).

photo 3[3]

My sweater is from ZARA…of course. Whenever I want black clothing or leather, I head to the store in the Flatiron. This sweater is no longer available 😦 , the leather shoulder pads are so cool and I feel like I am tough when I wear them…couldn’t be further from the truth. Zara does have a sweater that is similar in stores right now. Rather than the leather shoulders, it features a transparent “peek-a-boo” shoulder. These sheer panels were all the rage on the runways, so you’ll be catwalk ready!

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 9.28.53 AM

Ah leather jackets! Love them, love them, love them. This is the jacket I threw on today, and you can get it here. It just makes me feel cool when I wear it. I got it as a Christmas present and have never been so happy with a gift in my life…okay that is a lie, but it still is really cool. Santa did well haha.

photo 5

This Jane Pope ring is so quaint and delicate. Makes any unmanicured hand look girly and cute. I usually wear this ring everywhere and love interchanging it between fingers. I recently have stocked up on midi rings (which are small rings worn near the top of your finger). Check out her website, she has a great collection of simple delicate pieces, that are extremely practical and wearable!


THIS BAG! Where do I begin. I saw it in a store near home and thought about it for days after. Needless to say, I returned and purchased it. Now the bag looks beat up and is in need of a leather repair, but when I got it I received a trillion compliments. Have you guessed which designer makes it? Well, I shall let you in on a little secret…it is from Urban Outfitters! Everyone always thinks this is a really really expensive bag, but low and behold it cost me around $80 I think. I carry this bag everywhere, which is why it is slowly falling apart. They do not make it anymore either, but they have a sick selection of bags…I currently want this one , and this one, and this one. I do love my designer bags, my Vuitton & Burberry bags are my prized possessions, but when you find a bag that is this cute and doesn’t cost a lot, it is a no brainer! You won’t feel bad spilling stuff on it, throwing it around, and having it get worn and torn!

Hope you like my outfit for the day! xx

Must Have Item of the Week!


We love our clothes here at SI Swimsuit. We are always gossiping about sales, trends, etc. Associate Editor Darcie Baum, came into work today with the SICKEST vest ever. The leather trim, the buttons, it is so cool and edgy just like Darcie. She always comes to work with the sweetest kicks and vintage tees, anytime I see a pair of hightops or an accessory that is black & gold, I feel it screams Darcie. She says she purchased this vest at Zara!! I am currently on an internet hunt for this vest because it needs to be purchased and hung in my closet for the fall! Zara is one of my favorite stores in NYC, the one in the Flatiron district is my favorite, it’s a little smaller than the one in midtown, but I usually can find the best steals there. I bought the bad boys below for only $90, and a few months ago I got a maroon colored pair of peep toes for $14!!!

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 2.32.41 PM

I wore them out last week for drinks with my friends & got so many compliments!!! Zara really is a paradise for the newest trends and it won’t break your bank!! xx